2010 favorites!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! We’ll be celebrating the New year this evening with friends from our church home group. It’s a fun crowd of sweet friends and I know it will be a great time. How about you? Perhaps the New Year has already arrived in your part of the world. Did you have a grand celebration or was it a quiet, peaceful one?

What about goals for 2011? I’m working on mine. I would like to do a mini album, sort of like the one I did last year. Funny thing is, it seems like many of my goals are the same as last year. Yes, I’ve made improvements on many of those goals, but I’m still not where I want to be, so I’ll continue working on them this year, maybe just tweak some of them a bit. I’d like to incorporate my one Little Word for 2011 into a project somehow too. My word for this year is “focus”. How about you? Do you have a word for 2011?

So I thought I’d follow the lead of many bloggers and share my favorite projects that I made in 2010. It’s fun to look back and take another look at the projects I made over the past year. Some I forgot about. But anyway, here they are!





May: ummm….I just couldn’t decide which one of these two was my favorite, so I’m sharing both!





October: again, I couldn’t decide which I liked best, so here are my two favorite projects from October.



How fun it was to go back over the year’s projects and pick my favorites. I hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane!
Blessings to you all in the New Year. I hope 2011 is a peaceful and prosperous for each of you! Thanks for being such an amazing support to me this past year. It’s been so fun getting to know so many of you. I love your comments and emails, your link ups and shout outs! Thank you all so much! You’ve made this year such a fun year for blogging! Love you all!

Happy New Year!!!!

24 thoughts on “2010 favorites!!

  1. Sharon says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family! I loved revisiting your great cards and pages!

    We spent the evening at home watching some new dvds of REALLY old commercials that my SIL gave us for Christmas. She knows her brother very well because he is really in to old tv shows and commercials! It’s not even 10 p.m. and us two oldsters are ready to hit the sack already.

    I don’t have any concrete new goals set for next year yet, but purchased The Crafter’s Devotional, not what you’d think it is, but it has a different theme for each day of the week and includes tips and projects. I’m looking forward to not only going through that book, but also journaling my progress.

    • sweetpapertreats says:

      That sounds like fun, Sharon! Right now I’m kind of wishing we could have gotten to bed a little earlier, but the party was a lot of fun too. I’ve never heard of the Crafter’s Devotional. Sounds like a great tool for inspiration and motivation. Blessings to you in the New Year. I hope it’s a wonderful and prosperous one!

      Hugs! Brenda

  2. Diane says:


    Hoping that you and your family have the happiest of new years. Keeep on blogging!!! I love your inspirational projects and thoughts.

  3. Ann Cox says:

    OMGosh, Brenda, these are all so gorgeous…don’t know if I could pick a fave! I really love what you did with the mini doilies back in October!

    Happy 2011!😀

  4. Amy says:

    These are some absolutely amazing layouts and cards! I am very inspired by your talent! Also, I just saw your newest card over at Twisted Sketches and it totally rocks! Love the colors!

  5. Cathy Weber says:

    Brenda: I had to scroll through your cards several times to get a complete picture of all the many details on your cards and scrapbook pages. I really loved the Cousins scrapbook page. That was a really sweet picture you chose to use for that one. The thank you card with the rolled rose was really great too. Thank you for sharing your Top Ten with us.

    • sweetpapertreats says:

      Thank you, Cathy! I love that photo too! My daughter and her favorite cousin are so funny and cute together, and he is such a sweet little boy. Thanks for your comment. Wishing you the best in 2011!


  6. Nicole says:

    Brenda thanks for sharing your wonderful projects. The detail on all of them is amazing! My personal favourite is your November card – just gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2011! Nicole

    • sweetpapertreats says:

      Thank you so much, Nicole! It sure was fun to go back and sort through all the projects I made in 2010. Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comment!

      Best to you in 2011! Brenda!

  7. Karen says:

    Love the recap, Brenda. Your January card is one of my all-time favorites anywhere. I’m also a big fan of April and July’s choices, but they are all wonderful. Happy New Year!

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