March Kit0 on the Bright Side {the pages}

Oh my, but I am so excited about tonight’s sneak peeks!
You know, I think every month that the current Market Fresh kit is my favorite one, but then the next one comes along and I’m like, no, this one’s my favorite. LOL! But, when I saw the contents of this month’s kit I immediately knew it was right up my alley, so very me, and that I would have so much fun with it. And I was right! Just wait till you see this kit. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it too!

I made three scrapbook pages and a mini album this time, so let’s get started.

From the Inside Out page:

On this page I used the chipboard flowers that come in the kit as masks for my background. I used a dark purple spray ink, but it’s so dark it almost looks black. I loved the way it ended up looking deep and rich and felt it was a great background for black and white photos of  Chloe. Everything used here is from the kit except for the spray ink (and of course the white gel pen).

Journaling reads: Love Jesus. Love others. Be kind and gentle. Have a sweet and beautiful spirit. My dear, always remember that what’s more important than outward beauty is being beautiful inside. Because what’s inside always comes out.

Shine page:

More photos from the same day as the ones above, but i used the colors in the photos to my advantage this time. I love the way the red pops against the yellow background. This kit is so cheerful and as fun as the name suggests. Oh, and see that cute little light bulb stamp? Soo cute, right?

Journaling reads: Chloe, you bring a special brightness to the world with your beautiful smile and happy personality. Always shine!

Bright Sunny Days page:

I wanted to try something a bit more clean and graphic for a page for my son. I chose a clean white background arranged the patterned papers in a grid design. This was a super simple and easy page to make and I think I’ll be trying more versions of the grid design in the near future. There’s that light bulb again!🙂 These photos of Isaiah were taken last summer at the pool. I love swimming goggle photos!

I printed the simple journaling out on my computer, It reads: I love to spend sunny summer days in the pool enjoying the water and catching the rays.

Chloe’s Closet Mini Album:

Chloe has always enjoyed clothes, but she hasn’t learned quite yet how to put outfits together. A couple of weeks ago I had the idea to lay out some of Chloe’s outfits and photograph them and put them in a mini album. Then if Chloe wants to pick out an outfit to wear she has a few ideas to get her started. I was thinking this would be most helpful for those times we’re trying to get out the door in a hurry. Chloe can save me some time by paging through her little book and picking out an outfit on her own!

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the pages.

I only have a few outfit ideas in her for now. I have to take more photos, but I did add extra pages so I have some ready to go. Chloe really loves her little book! I can’t wait to add more outfits! Especially spring ones.

Don’t you just love the cheerfulness this kit brings? I hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peek! Don’t forget to check out Stephanie and Jinny‘s blogs to see what they’ve created with this kit.

I hope you’ll join me again tomorrow evening when we give you a sneak peek of cards made with this kit.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!

31 thoughts on “March Kit0 on the Bright Side {the pages}

  1. Shelly Rasske says:

    Absolutely love your idea for the mini outfit album, you have inspired me to try this with my nephew🙂

  2. Amy Kolling says:

    Gosh what wonderful pages Brenda! I like things about each of them! The first is that you used the chipboard as masks…..such dramatic results. Your second layout is so fun with the photos in Polaroid form. And I LOVE that idea for an outfit album! My daughter sooo needs this!!!

  3. Lee Anne says:

    Beautiful pages! I love the colors and the patterns in the kit and you did a wonderful job in highlighting them!

  4. Jinny Newlin says:

    LOVE your stitching and spritzing and journaling and color combinations… I just love it all! And that mini album, for Chloe, is pure genius! My daughter would LOVE that, but I don’t think I could possibly make one with enough pages to house all the outfits she wears. LOL!

  5. Karen Sauder says:

    Amazing again! Love the pages…and great idea for the outfits! Janae never knows what to wear and doesn’t want to wear whatever I suggest…although if I remember to pick it out the night before she is much more amiable about it!

  6. Miriam Prantner says:

    Love this kit and all your projects! That first layout is so striking and elegant! I love the stitching on the second and how clean and graphic (which I think were your exact words – but how I would also describe it) that third layout is. Just the right amount of stuff on the pages (LOVE the lightbulb stamp too). And of course the mini is so freaking cute. What a great job, sounds like Chloe is quite the fashionista! I’m going to pin that one for sure!

  7. Lisa Buttafuoco says:

    How awesome are these layouts!!! I love all of them. I am sooo excited now and I just begun the hop. I do have to say that I love your idea for her outfits. I will have to keep that in mind for my twins!

  8. Catherine O. says:

    All the projects are GORGEOUS as always but I have to say that Chloe’s Closet book is genius. So cute and such a great way to help your sweet girl be a little bit independent. Love it!

  9. shartl says:

    Such a great kit…and I totally love your layouts! They all look so unique, but with a fresh, fun design. Your mini album is my favorite though…what a great idea to show the contents of a closet! How cute is that?!

  10. stampnk says:

    Those layouts are so amazing…love the clean bright look! And your mini is adorable! Always trying to come up new themes for minis and this is perfect!

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