Hello Lovely

I barely know where to begin!

How about I begin with “hello, how’ve you been?”

So much has happened in the 6 or so weeks since I’ve last blogged.

The move went pretty well. It feels good to be here in our new home, although we don’t yet feel settled in. We’re still doing a lot of renovating, so there’s a lot torn up, a lot of dirt, and a lot of boxes yet unpacked.

We love our new home, but I’m getting so very tired of the dirt and the chaos. Not knowing where things are. Not being able to put things in their place because of the work going on. I’m trying so hard to be patient, knowing it’s only for a season, but I’m SO ready to just have a clean and orderly house!

Christmas was a lovely, lovely time. I think we all would say it was our best Christmas yet. Even though we had no decorations, no tree or nativity scene. We didn’t bake any cookies, send cards, or attend any parties. Nothing that we typically do around Christmas time, except the gift giving and family gatherings. Christmas Eve was just magical! As we prepared to leave for the Christmas Eve service at our church, snow began to fall. The service was beautiful. The drive home filled with excitement over the snow and the unwrapping of gifts we planned to do. Eric and I got the kids exactly what they’d all been asking for and their excitement was so much fun to watch. We built a fire in our new fireplace and sat in our living room with moving boxes all around and had a wonderful time. Then we all went out for a walk in the snow around our new neighborhood, which looked so pretty with all the lights beneath the falling snow. Christmas was spent with family and our kids got to share the joy of the snow with their cousins who visited from the South. I felt, and still feel, incredibly blessed!

And now? It’s time to think about Valentine’s Day! And I made a little something yesterday that I wanted to share with you!


Just a few little snippets of some favorite pieces left over on my desk, plus some old, old stamps I’ve had almost since the day i first began paper crafting! Those alphabet stamps. Anyone remember those? They came in a little cardboard box. I pulled them out to stamp the sentiment on this card. These stamps are very small and really hard to get a good, clean look with them, so I’m embracing the messy look of the stamped sentiment. It kind of reminds me of the look you’d get from an old typewriter.

I’m loving gold glitter right now. I’m still on my metallics kick. From what I’ve seen from CHA, it looks like metallics might be hot this year! Oh, I hope so!

009My kids have a million different nicknames that I give them. I rarely use their real names, unless it’s serious. Lovely is one of the many names I call my daughter. This card will most likely find it’s way into one of her drawers or propped onto her pillow come Valentine’s Day. But I figured it was also fitting for all of you, the lovely people who come and visit my blog. I’ve missed you all!

Until the major work around here is finished, I don’t really know how regularly  will blog. I’m also giving some thought to what I want my blogging to look like in the future. I have some ideas and plans, but nothing concrete. So, let me ask you…what do you like to see in a blog? Really? What are some of the positive points about some of your favorite blogs? What makes them your favorites? I’m gearing up to make some changes, and I’d love to hear your opinions.

In the meantime, I’ve given the blog just a tiny little update, so if you’re reading this via email or reader, hop on over and take a little peek. And while you’re at it I hope you’ll say hello!


6 thoughts on “Hello Lovely

  1. JeanD says:

    Welcome back Brenda – you were missed. I’m glad that the move went well and that Christmas was such a special time. Blog surfing for me is a bit of a funny experience, I start out looking for card inspiration but end up being drawn into people’s lives so, while it’s the cards that I love looking at. I’m enjoying getting to know a little about people that I’ll never meet. Thankyou for all that you share. God bless you and your family.

  2. karenladd says:

    Welcome back Brenda! So glad your move went smoothly and that you had a great Christmas!! Good for you with going with the flow and not stressing over decorating the house and doing everything “perfectly”! Some of the best times are when you just relax and emphasize togetherness!

  3. Miriam Prantner says:

    Sounds like a great Christmas and I’ve enjoyed seeing your progress on the house on FB. I also love the new blog header. I come here because I love your work. You are a great designer and I get great inspiration from you. I like that you do cards and layouts too.

  4. Heather - housesbuiltofcards says:

    You blog looks beautiful! And so glad to see you back! Having just moved a few months ago myself – I’m glad to hear everything went smoothly – and fully understand how much work there still is to do! I just love simple posts with inspiring cards – so I always love what you post already!

  5. Mary-Anne V. says:

    Welcome back…love your new blog look. So glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas. I love the card you made today… simple but effective. I would love to see tutorials if that is what you like to do. I am always trying to learn something new.

  6. Catherine O. says:

    The new look is great – soft and fresh. I love seeing your designs, they are inspiring and I like having a little peek into the life of other paper crafters. I don’t think you need to change anything about how you blog – I always check in and am glad to see your back.
    Also happy to hear that the move went well and that your Christmas was truly a celebration even without all the “fuss”. It really isn’t about the fuss anyhow.

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