Funny Valentine



I meant to blog this yesterday, but in between the kid’s Valentine’s day crafts, errands, and evening plans, the day kind of just got away from me. There’s still a little time to whip up that last minute card for someone dear to you.

This card was inspired by this pin on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board. I giggled when I saw it and I knew I HAD to make a card like that for my husband. I knew he’d get a kick out of it too. That card is for sale on Etsy, so if you’d like to purchase it, please go check out the Etsy shop here.

I kept the design masculine, since it’s for my husband, of course, and the guys aren’t usually into pink and frills and glitter, and all that jazz. You can add hearts for guys. Neutral or red colored hearts are great choices for guys. I had a plan to do a post on how to make a hot pink heart work on a masculine card, but that didn’t happen. The idea is there, though, so maybe another time.

cute butt


We had a crazy, crazy morning here and I didn’t even get a chance to snap photos of the Valentine’s Day treats I made for my kids. They turned out cute, though, and the kid’s were so excited about sharing them with their classmates. I think the best part for me about making them was that Chloe had such a fun time helping me. Hers required quite a few steps and lots of glue, but she stuck to it and really was a huge help in getting them all done. Crafting for my kids is great, but having them craft alongside me is even better.

So far my morning consisted of being late for the bus, a child who couldn’t find his coat, same child ran out the door without his school work, a dead battery in the car, and a last minute blog post before I run out the door for my Bible study. Ahh…but it’s all good. I plan to have a fantastic day anyway. I’m so thankful for the love of my husband and kids and that I get to have a date tonight with the guy with the cute butt!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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