art journal- fill my life with color

art journal- colorToday’s project is a fun, messy one! I was playing around with some techniques I learned from Wilna Furstenburg’s Art Class Workshop over at Two Peas in a Bucket. It’s fantastic, by the way! I recently discovered Wilna’s work and I just love it! Love her style! Love the techniques and pages she shared in the workshop! Worth every penny, in my opinion. Watching her videos makes me want to immediately go and scrapbook. She has a style that really speaks to me. Her pages aren’t elaborate or complicated, but the techniques she uses make her pages shine.

You may have already seen the crayon art that was so popular on Pinterest a while back. My son made a few of those drippy crayon canvases and they turned out so cool looking. He has one of them displayed in his room. I never thought to use that technique in my scrapbooks. But Wilna did! I decided to try it out on an art journal page first since I had this idea for a page in my head and it seemed like a great technique to use to get the look I was going for.



What I really love about this technique is the vibrancy of the colors from the melted crayons. You just can’t achieve that same look with paints or mists. Plus, it’s just plain fun to watch the crayons melt and run down the paper. I melted my crayons on a separate piece of watercolor paper and then trimmed it down before gluing it down in my journal. Art journals are a great place to try out some new techniques before committing them to a page.


I thought about using the whole rainbow spectrum of colors, but in the end decided to stick with reds, oranges, and yellows. This page has special meaning to me. It’s about a prophetic word I received some time ago about God filling my life with color. Since then it’s been a fun journey to see how God is going to fulfill that prophecy for me. I can see some areas of my life where He is definitely making it colorful and vibrant, and other areas where I don’t quite understand this prophetic word yet and must wait to see the rest unfold. That’s why I chose to leave out some of the colors. I’m beginning to see some of it fulfilled, but not all yet.

The melted crayons kind of speak to me in a special way too. I love how the run together, running down over a blank sheet of paper, creating vibrancy and beauty as they flow. It reminds me of that verse that speaks about how Christ came that we might have the abundant life. A vibrant and beautiful life. And as I allow him to mold me and shape me, my life becomes a thing of beauty for all to see. Β I am the paper, my life the page. Christ is the crayons melting all over it, covering up the ugliness and the places that are vacant, until all you see when you look at me is the beauty of Christ. He’s got a whole lot more to work out in me. There’s so much more ugliness there yet. Β It will not be finished until I get to heaven. But hopefully my life will become an ever increasingly beautiful masterpiece created by Him alone.

Thank you for allowing me to share a piece of my heart with you today.

Hope your day is beautiful!



7 thoughts on “art journal- fill my life with color

  1. Miriam Prantner says:

    What a wonderful journal! I love your melted crayon analogy, and I love how willing you are to be molded and to follow wherever he leads!

  2. Catherine O. says:

    Super cool Brenda…not only is the art of it all so vibrant, I love how you explained what it means to you. What a great prophetic word too – so much for you to look forward to as He creates your colorful life!

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