Happy Independence Day!



Happy Independence Day, my American friends! I’m so proud to live in this great nation. Grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in our land. Grateful for all the founding fathers stood for and the sacrifices that were made to make this nation what it is today.

Today, and the rest of this week, we’ll be celebrating the birth of our nation with lots of various parties with friends. This week is jam packed with fun filled activities. How about you? Got any special plans for celebrating the 4th?

Anyway, on to today’s card. There is something special about this card. I originally made a card just like this, with a slight variation, for a publishing call. But, once I had the card completed and was preparing to submit it, I realized that the stamp set i used was no longer available, even though I had just purchased the stamp set at Hobby lobby only a few weeks before. How frustrating! As a frequent submitter, I need stamp sets that will be around for quite some time to get my money’s worth out of them.

Regardless, I still loved the card. But the special part about this card is that it used every single stamp in the entire set! Granted, there are only five stamps in the set. But have you ever challenged yourself to use every stamp in the set? You should try it sometime. It’s really fun!



I began by stamping the script stamp in the same color as the background for a very faint base on which to anchor all my other stamping. From there I layered on the other stamps in a collage style.

After the stamping was completed I added some ink blotches for a bit of a festive look. Kind of like confetti, or fireworks, to make the cardย  a little more celebratory.

Now, let me show you how by just a little variation you can make the card suit a different holiday entirely.



You’ll see that the only thingย I changed is the blue ink to green. Now you’ve got a Christmas card instead! This was the card I originally made for the publishing call. But the stamps in this set are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways, it’s a shame the set is no longer available. I’m sure there are lots of similar sets out there, though, and this idea could be easily replicated using other sets.

Here are the two cards side by side.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful and safe 4th!

2 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. JeanD says:

    They are both great cards, love the layering and the colours. Hope that you enjoyed your country’s birthday

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