Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters!!

This issue went on sale a few days ago, but it slipped my mind to share it here with you all. It’s big (164 pages big!) and beautiful, and full of practical solutions of all kinds for your paper crating needs!

Back when I was asked to design for this publication I was so excited about the concepts and practical tips that were going to be included. When I finally got to see the magazine I was not disappointed! It’s amazing and it’s by far my favorite publication yet!! No kidding! The ideas in this issue are so incredibly creative and out of the box fantastic that while I paged through it I kept saying things like “Oh, how clever” and “Oh.My.Word! How cute is that?!” Not only did the designers all do an outstanding job creative innovative and impressive projects for this issue, but the editors outdid themselves when it came to creating super fabulous displays of storage options that are not only practical, but are easy on the eyes and affordable too!

I had three projects published in this issue and this one is my favorite.

It’s a mini album with random leftover chipboard letters layered on the cover and then painted with acrylic paint. You can find this project on page 131 in the “Don’t Throw it Away” section.

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest newsstand and grab up this fantastic issue before it’s all gone! I saw it the other day in my local Barnes and Noble book store. Do you know how hard it is to see a magazine on the rack that has your work in it and not say to the lady standing next to you “Hey, guess what! I’m in this magazine!” But I restrained myself. I didn’t want to scare her away! Hee! Anyway, believe me when I say you’ll love this issue!

I’ll be back here again tomorrow with some fun with Market Street Stamps!

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little bits of love…

Valentine’s Day. It’s almost here! I love seeing all the heart-themed, love-inspired crafts people make this time of year. We’re not big on celebrating Valentine’s Day here at our house, except for the few fun treats I buy for the kids throughout the month. Just because I love any excuse to do something a little special for them. Eric and I usually buy each other a card. Sometimes a small gift, but we aren’t big on the commercial side of the holiday. After all, shouldn’t love be demonstrated and celebrated each day of the year? But then again, I suppose one could voice that same argument for Christmas. And I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. I guess Valentine’s day just never caught on as much around here. Maybe I should be the one to change that. After all, in the midst of every day living, sometimes I forget to adequately show my husband and kids how much they really mean to me. And I guess Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to take the time to shower love on the people we care about and let them know that they rock our world!

I could bake some cupcakes, or buy some from my favorite cupcake shop. And stick some fun little love notes on top! We love cupcakes!



Or I could write a mushy message of love on the bathroom mirror with lip stick (for Eric, of course. The kids would think that’s gross!).

I could tuck little love notes in their lunch boxes or briefcase.

I could scatter tiny hearts everywhere for them to find!


I could give an extra dose of hugs and kisses, like I did this morning. Or squish their cheeks and tell them they’re amazing and loved beyond measure.

Or take the time to do some fun crafts with them, like making some Valentine cards to hand out to class mates.

Or buy a bag of conversation hearts and place them in strategic places!

How about a bottle of your favorite wine to share with your spouse sometime after the kids have been tucked in bed. Cuddling along with the wine is really nice too.

Now I’m really excited for February to get here!  How about you? How do you celebrate this month of love?

Hearts and pennants are new items in my shop.

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gift toppers and tags

Hey there! This is my second post for the day, so scroll down for the scrapbook page I shared earlier or click here.

I wanted to share with you some new items I just put up in the shop. I gave you a little peek at them in my earlier post. They are pretty gift toppers, tags and ribbons for adding to your holiday gifts for dressing them up for lots of holiday prettiness. I love them and had SO much fun making them. I hope you like them too!

Each one comes with a pretty felt snowflake topped with a flower and other decorations attached to a clothespin for clipping onto a gift or other item. They also all include a beautiful hand stamped tag and 3 yards of ribbon to dress up your package even more.

This one is Chestnut.

This one’s Mint.

And this one’s Jolly.

And finally, my favorite, Cinnamon.

And here’s what you can do with them.
Most obviously, add them to a gift!

Add them to a quirky little banner or inspiration piece.

Or a bulletin board.

Or clip them right onto your tree or the edge of a stocking for instant glam!

You could also attach a heavy duty magnet to the back and use it for hanging Christmas cards. So fun!!
You can find all of them in my shop. I plan to add new ones soon.

I hope you like! And thanks so much for stopping by!

We are family

I may as well just come out and say it. I’m grumpy today. Now you know and there shall be no surprises. M’kay?

Reason I’m grumpy? well…

Eric’s traveling again. I don’t usually mind when he has to travel except when I feel like we’ve had virtually no time together in the days prior. And that would be this time. Plus, we’re missing a fun couples’ party tonight because of this trip. Grumpy!

The van battery died this afternoon. Lights got left on for some reason. Can’t get the van out of the garage to jump it. That means I get to drive the kids around in our old junker car. Thankful I have a vehicle. Grumpy that the van’s dead.

Tried making a craft this morning. Failed! Have to rethink it. Waste of supplies. Grumpy!

Seems I can’t stay on top of the messes and clutter my family makes. I have to do a better job of teaching my kids to clean up after themselves. Please tell me that they catch on eventually?? Our house isn’t meeting our needs right now either. I want to move so badly! Grumpy that we’re not really even looking in earnest. My house makes me grumpy almost on a daily basis these days.

But the fact remains that it’s not my circumstances that have made me grumpy. It’s a choice. But knowing that doesn’t help much. It just makes me feel guilty for feeling grumpy in the first place. Distraction usually works better. Or some time alone. Or a nap. Maybe I should distract myself with a nap. alone. In my room.

Thankful that we are family. Because even when I’m grumpy they forgive me and love me anyway.

This is a little project I completed a few weeks ago. I have it displayed in the family room. I really like how it tuned out. I removed the backing of the frame and reinserted the glass, gluing it down around the edges. Then I added the photo and embellishments on top of the glass. It looks kind of like the elements are floating.

This is what it looks like hanging up. I don’t have mine hanging because I don’t have a good space for it and because I accidentally made this entire thing upside down so that the hook for hanging is on the bottom of the frame. Silly me!

I feel like I should end this post with things that are making me happy right now. Here goes.

I got a Polaroid camera yesterday from my mom. For free! I can’t wait to order some photo paper for it and start experimenting with it. Anybody got any tips for me?

I’m finally starting to get around to filling up my shop. It’s a slow process for me. I’m not a fast crafter, but I have some things I’m working on that I really love. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve been doing really well with meal planning and sticking to my grocery budget. I think I can do even better. I’ve got a few money-saving tips on Pinterest I’d like to try.

The leaves are changing color. So pretty. That always makes me happy.

The two youngest are playing in the fort they just built out of tables, chairs, benches and blankets. I like to hear them talking and giggling.

I’m trying hard to keep a better work schedule so I can fit everything into my day. I still need to tweak it, but I’m getting there. The big thing is to not waste any time on this computer. That’s key.

Anyway, I think I’ll take the kids out for pizza tonight. They got some book-it certificates to use up. Maybe we’ll play some games together too.

Hope your weekend is fabulous!

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Also used in this project:
patterned paper: 7 Gypsies, BoBunny
chipboard letters: Cosmo Cricket
cork letters: Making Memories
die cuts: K & Company

September sneak peeks with Market Street Stamps!!

Hi there folks!!Glad you could join me here tonight.

It’s been a crazy day around here, but I’ve been so excited to be able to begin to share some sneak peeks of the brand new sets being released this month from Market Street Stamps. Halloween and Thanksgiving ae just around the corner and this month it’s all about the spooky goblins and Fall themed stamps.
Angelica’s done an awesome job of designing some super cute and not too spooky little creatures for this month as well as some other seasonal beauties. You won’t want to miss the fun happening this week over at the Market Street Stamps blog! Hurry over and see! The fun is happening right now!! I’ll wait………………..

……………..Welcome back! see, didn’t I tell you there’s a heap of fun happening over there? Including a super fun contest where you can WIN one of the brand new sets!! Yippee! Skippee!!

So tonight I have a fun little project for the young’ns in your life. Or the big’ns too. After all, who doesn’t like candy, right? I know I do!

I decorated some lollipops for a fun treat to hand out to the tricksters that come to your door begging for treats, or for a great treat for kids to hand out to their classmates.

I used the soon to be released set called Happy Pumpkin to make these lollipop toppers. I love that cute pumpkin! It’s perfect not only for Halloween, but Thanksgiving and other Fall projects as well.

He does look happy, doesn’t he? Take note that I colored in the mouth and eye openings with a black marker.

Stay tuned all week long for the fun party happenings at Market Street Stamps. I’ll be back again tomorrow with a look at another new release.

Thanks so much for joining me tonight!!

a special project

Hey there! Glad to be back with you all. The hurricane has passed and we are all OK here, although some of our friends are still without power. We were very fortunate here in our area.

Last week I was working on this acrylic album. Some sweet friends of ours are going to be leaving soon on a 2 1/2 month mission trip to Mozambique, Africa, and this past weekend they held a benefit auction to raise funds for their trip. This album was one of the items I donated. I had a lot of fun making it and wanted to share it here with you all.

This album was made with a mix of old and new products. I was inspired by this color palette by Design Seeds.

Here’s the front cover.

I added some fun tags to one of the book rings. I love how they dangle there and add a little more interest.

Here are the inside pages. There are a lot, so I’m just adding thumbnails. You can click on each photo to see it larger.

I enjoyed using my crafting abilities to help out our dear friends and we wish them the very best in their adventure! God bless you, Chad and Jo!

I used a lot of products from many manufacturers, so I won’t be adding a product list. It would be almost as long as my arm! If you have any questions at all about any product I used, please feel free to shoot me an email or ask in the comments section.
I have more of these acrylic albums waiting to be decorated. I plan to place them in my Etsy shop once I get it up and running. That will hopefully be within the next couple of weeks. If any of you are interested in purchasing some, please let me know and I can put up a reserve listing for you.

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